Sneha John

Sneha John

Sneha John


Sneha John is a UK-trained Psychologist with passion to help young people and their families.
Having done her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK, Sneha’s experience in working with children, parents and young adults comes from her time at the National Health Service in the UK. She has worked in a range of clinical settings such as schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and community based vocational training centres. Her work has focussed on the developmental ages of 10 years through 25 years. Life is so full-on that sometimes there isn't any time to sort out the little problems, and before you know it, they've grown into giant problems. Through counselling, Sneha’s professional vision is to guide young people discover hidden strengths within themselves that would help them take on life with a new perspective. Some common problems that children face are:

  • Problems at school, eg. not coping with studies or being bullied
  • Perfectionism- constant pressure to be top-scorers which leads to stress and burnout
  • Questioning your identity and the purpose of life
  • Problems with friendships
  • Problems with parents' relationships, eg. divorce
  • Romantic relationships
  • Problems caused by alcohol or drugs
  • Problems about body image or self-esteem
  • Feeling guilty and depressed
  • Feeling afraid of being hurt
  • Feeling very angry
  • Feeling confused or worried about your feelings
  • Worrying about body changes during puberty.

Areas of Specialisation for Children:

  • Childhood Emotional disorders – anxiety as well as depression.
  • Behavioural Problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Examination Anxiety, School refusal
  • Significant Life Transitions- parents’ divorce, death of a loved one, shifting from one school year to another, relocating to another country, changing schools, taking on a romantic relationship, graduating from school to University or from University to work
  • Eating disorders

Other areas of Interest:

  • Providing psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents on language, reading, achievement and intelligence.
  • Therapy using the Cognitive Behavioural Approach, Mindfulness based Interventions, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Attachment-focussed therapy and Solution-focussed Therapy.


  • Masters in Clinical Psychology with First Class from University of London, London, UK
  • Bachelor of Psychology with Counselling from Middlesex University, London, UK

Board Certifications or Equivalents:

  • Community Development Authority, Dubai
  • British Psychological Society, UK


  • English, French, Malayalam and basic Arabic

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