Giandomenico Bramani Araldi

Giandomenico Bramani Araldi

Giandomenico Bramani Araldi

General Manager - People of Determination


A motivated and experienced business leader with over 15 years experience across both the UK & Middle East markets with a track record of delivering results through business planning and team motivation. Excellent communication skills with a proven ability to maintain positive relations with staff and customers in complex operations. Adaptable, confident & quick thinking with an energetic and personable approach. Experienced in managing a diverse range of business models. Expertise gained in pre-openings, business structure, training and development, small –medium and corporate environments.


  • Politics Science.
  • Business Economy Degree State University of Milan 1996.
  • Psychology Degree on going Benevento 2018.
  • Scientific Diploma Milan 1991.

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