Elderly Care

Treasure your elders, they are the reason for who we are today. LifeWorks provides compassionate support to elders dealing with any mental health concerns.

Welcome to Eldercare Counseling Services. We provide a full range of psychological and mental health psychiatric & counseling services to assist elderly. Our Counselors are fully licensed and compassionate in the care they give.


Treasure our elders: Our Programs and services.
We provide a full range of mental health services for elderly, families, and staff at nursing homes, assisting elderly at their homes, and continuing care retirement communities.


No additional costs

Our programs are delivered at no additional cost to the facility because our services are covered by insurance. This allows us to provide much needed counseling for the community at no additional out of pocket cost to you.

Essential services provided with professionalism and care. We conduct psychological assessments, develop individual treatment plans with individual and family counseling, offer therapy treatment programs, and create specialized mental health programs: all provided on-site where our dedicated team assists your staff in monitoring the mental health of the community.


Our dedicated and experienced team. All of our staff are licensed mental health professionals who are compassionate caregivers with experience in geriatric counseling. All of our licensed staff come to you with a wealth of experience and a sensitive approach in providing counseling and psychological services for your residents.

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