The LifeWorks has a vision to expand its operations to different parts of the world starting with the UAE, keeping the same ethos and values at every location.

Compassionate HealthCare

LifeWorks follows a unique healthcare approach whereby physical and mental health are together addressed.

Over the last decade, our team at LifeWorks, have been working diligently to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of clients by providing services under girded on mindfulness, compassion and care. The uniqueness of our healthcare approach is that we believe in the importance of addressing physical and mental health together.

General Physician

“LifeWorks believe Physical health and mental health goes hand in hand,hence we are starting services where LifeWorks is offering doctors consultation such as General Physician, Pediatrician, Neurologist, Internal Medicine as well apart from Psychiatry and Counseling services by Psychologist. We access a person’s mental health as well as physical health before providing diagnosis for any health condition.”

Physical health and emotional concerns are directly inter-related, hyper tension, asthma, heart issues, any terminal illness or other physical health issues could lead to stress and anxiety causing depression.

It may be helpful to consult a Physician who can address emotional and physical health in tandem.

Our General Practitioner is trained to keep an eye out for emotional health while doing physical check-ups.

We advise you to book a session with our GP today to enjoy perfect health both on the inside and out.

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Medical Services

LifeWorks believes mental health or physically emotionally are connected.

How do you feel when you visit a clinic or hospital? Most often, we see nurses and doctors focusing on physical health issues rather than addressing the emotional health of clients and their care-givers.

Over the last decade, LifeWorks has been helping the community improve their emotional health. Our team of Psychologists can help treat any emotional health concern. Our Psychiatrist can help treat any mental health issue.

People dealing with physical illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, or hyper -tension or heart issue, terminal illness or simple health issues such as common cold, fever, throat infection would benefit from having their emotional health addressed. Experiencing a physical illness can be stressful, causing some people to have mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and even an intense fear of being unwell.

Considering the overall wellbeing for adults and children, we are merging physical and mental health together. Complementing our established, credible and well-reputed mental health services, we also offer a range of physical health services offered by our General Physician, Pediatrician, Neurologist and Internal Medicine Specialist.

The specialty of our approach is that all clients would have the opportunity to undergo emotional health clinical assessments before meeting their Doctor. These assessments would help the Doctor gauge clients’ emotional well-being and advise them the most appropriate action plan.

LifeWorks is different from any clinic you may have visited in the past, so we welcome to see our facility and experience COMPASSIONATE HEALTH CARE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY AT ALL TIMES. From reception to consultation sessions with our Doctors, our team will ensure that you enjoy timely assistance and gold-standard healthcare experience!

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