To provide authentic care through learned and licensed psychiatrists and psychologists.

Our approach is more towards counselling than to provide medicines, continuous engagement through care plan and involve psychotherapy process in the treatment.

Provide Mental Health Care for Children, Adults and Elderly with utmost care.

Compassionate HealthCare

LifeWorks follows a unique healthcare model whereby mental health is addressed effectively in a mindfulness approach.

Over the last decade, our team at LifeWorks, have been working diligently to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of clients by providing services under girded on mindfulness, compassion and care. The uniqueness of our healthcare approach is that we believe in the importance of mental health impacting our Physical health and overall wellbeing.

LifeWorks is different from any clinic you may have visited in the past, so we welcome you to see our facility and experience COMPASSIONATE HEALTH CARE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY AT ALL TIMES. From the reception to the consultation sessions with our Doctors, our team will ensure that you enjoy timely assistance and a gold-standard healthcare experience!

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