by Jyotika Aggarwal on May 1, 2018
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Gratitude is most often felt by people when a tragedy strikes and they realize it could have been a lot worse; they have some how seen the silver lining to their dark cloud. While such insight is admirable and helps one through difficult times, why cant being grateful and showing gratitude be a way of life?
Something spectacular does not need to happen, our friend doesn’t need to lend us money in a hard time, nor do our partners need to show excessive support us, for us to show gratitude!
Most of us don’t realize that the regularities of life are what we must have gratitude for!
Let us sit a moment and look at how lucky we are and show gratitude for :
Having a wife who nags you about your weight, because she cares about your health.
For a loving husband who may forget anniversaries, but makes sure you have every comfort you want.
Having parents, who made us good human beings.
For being healthy.
For having a job or the physical and mental capacity to get a job.
For waking up every morning.
For having children that love us.
For having silly fights with our partners that bring us closer.
For having the freedom to make choices.
For having friends we can call over on the weekend
For the unkind teacher, who made us who we are.

Remember, expressing gratitude has only ups! So do it with all your heart!

Try this:
1)Every night, before you sleep, write down 5 you are thankful for, and you will notice that your life is happier than you think.
2)Bring a smile to someone’s face-Write down small thank you notes for people who have mattered in your life.
3)Appreciate-Notice something positive about someone? let them know. Making someone else feel good, makes us feel good.
4)In an argument, focus on the part you played in it, and apologise for it first. Do not blame. It’s good to take responsibility of your mistake. It makes you feel confident about yourself and reduces shame and anger.
5)Most importantly, do not forget to have gratitude towards yourself. Your are a beautiful human being and you are doing your best!

If you would like to talk, feel free to reach out to us. An LifeWorks therapist would be able to help.

Corina Saramet
Corina Saramet
Psychologist - English,Romanian,Spanish
Master Degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Bucharest, Romania
Nashwa Tantawy
Nashwa Tantawy
Psychologist - Arabic, English
M.A. in Counseling Psychology from The American University in Cairo
Jyotika Aggarwal
Jyotika Aggarwal
Clinical Psychologist - English
M.A.(Clinical Psychology), RE-CBT - Experience: 7 Years
Sailaja Menon
Sailaja Menon
Counseling Psychologist - English
CAGS (Multicultural Counseling), Johns Hopkins University, USA - Experience: 25 Years
Salma Mahmoud
Salma Mahmoud
Psychologist - Arabic and English
Master's in Psychology, BA Psychology - Experience: 12 Years
Iva Vukusic
Iva Vukusic
Clinical Psychologist - English, Croatian and German
Master of Psychology, Training of Trainers (ToT) Community
Dr.Marwa Abd El Hamid
Dr.Marwa Abd El Hamid
Clinical Psychologist - Arabic and English
Ph.D. in Psychology Ain-Shams University - Experience: 16 Years
Dr. Sravani Behara
Dr. Sravani Behara
Specialist Psychiatrist - English, Hindi and Telugu
MBBS, MD - Experience: 12 Years
Dr.Bassem Badr
Dr.Bassem Badr
Consultant Psychiatrist,Holistic Approach - Arabic and English
Master of Science in Neuropsychiatry - Experience: 25 Years

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