What is your parenting style?

  • Choose the response that best describes how you think, feel or behave
  • Mark your answers based on your thoughts over the past 3-4 weeks
  • And make sure to mark all responses
  • Estimated time required: 1 minute
  • There are no right or wrong answers

What is your parenting style?

I am responsible for making my child’s life easy
Being a good parent is something that worries me
When my child falls sick, I get second opinions from at least two doctors
I feel like I don’t spend enough time for myself since I am busy my child
I have sleepless nights where I worry about my child
It is important to protect children from criticism
‘Am I doing enough for my child?’ is a question I ask myself
I need be updated about my child’s whereabouts
I am reluctant to leave my child without the presence of a family
I should accompany my child on outings
My child takes my consent before doing anything
Since I am concerned about outdoor play areas, I send my child to indoor areas
I worry about my child falling sick
I worry about my child when I am away
I feel restless when my child is away from home
I am worried about my child’s academic progress
‘Did you miss me?’ is a question I ask my child when he/she has been away
I am the only one who knows about what is right for my child
I apologise for and rectify my own mistakes

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