How good is your sleep hygiene?

  • Choose the response that best describes how you think, feel or behave
  • Mark your answers based on your thoughts over the past 3-4 weeks
  • And make sure to mark all responses
  • Estimated time required: 1 minute

How good is your sleep hygiene?

My sleep patterns are consistent (I sleep and wake up at the same time every day)
I tend to eat food on my bed
I read a book before sleeping
I watch TV 2-3 hours before bedtime
I exercise 2-3 hours for bedtime
I have tea or coffee 2-3 hours before bed
I smoke before bed (Non-smokers would select Never)
I consume alcohol within 3 hours before sleeping
I eat my meals within 3 hours prior to bedtime
I drink a lot of water or other fluids within 3 hours before bedtime
I have some time in the day to relieve myself of my day’s stress
I have a hot shower before sleeping
I immediately go to bed once I start feeling sleepy
My sleeping area is quiet when I sleep
I take daytime naps that last more than 2 hours in length
I go to bed anxious
I sleep late and wake up late
I use caffeinated drinks to stay awake in the night
I have a light snack before sleeping

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