How are your feelings toward yourself?

  • Choose the response that best describes how you think, feel or behave
  • Mark your answers based on your thoughts over the past 3-4 weeks
  • And make sure to mark all responses
  • Estimated time required: 1 minute

How are your feelings toward yourself?

I use my own judgement to make decisions
I make all important decisions in life
I am in control of my emotions
I like finding solutions to problems
It’s easy to appreciate others
I like being around people
People enjoy my company
I do what I feel is right
I am a confident communicator
I am assertive about my needs
I express my opinions in a disagreement
I take the time to care for myself
I have healthy relationships
I am free of illnesses and infections
I feel enthusiastic
I am truthful in every situation
I am open to trying new things
I am responsible for my choices
I apologise and correct my own mistakes
I acknowledge opinions that are different from my own
In stressful situations, I can calm myself easily
I show compassion both to myself and others

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