Do you find your partner reliable?

  • Choose the response that best describes how you think, feel or behave
  • Mark your answers based on your thoughts over the past 3-4 weeks
  • Estimated time required: 1 minute
  • Make sure to mark all responses

Do you find your partner reliable?

I can easily tell my partner anything about myself
My partner is very approachable, I can tell him/her anything I want
I have my partner’s respect for things that I consider important
My partner is involved in the decisions concerning me
My partner values understanding me
When I am upset, my partner ensures that I am alright by checking on me
I have found a best friend in my partner
My partner has my trust
We work together to resolve our arguments
My partner keeps true to his/her promises
My partner does not miss our special times together (dinner or movie dates)
My partner is honest with me
My partner is mindful
My partner finishes whatever he/she starts
My partner is interested in my opinions
My partner is there for me
My partner takes responsibility for his/her actions
I can turn to my partner for support
I can be my authentic self around my spouse

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