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Our Clinical Team

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Dr.Bassem Badr
Dr.Bassem Badr
Consultant Psychiatrist,Holistic Approach - Arabic and English
Master of Science in Neuropsychiatry - Experience: 25 Years
Ms. Afsheen Sheikh
Ms. Afsheen Sheikh
Board Certified Behaviour Analyst - English
MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis - Queens University of Belfast,UK - Experience: 5 Years
Dr.Marwa Abd El Hamid
Dr.Marwa Abd El Hamid
Clinical Psychologist - Arabic and English
Ph.D. in Psychology Ain-Shams University - Experience: 10 Years
Iva Vukusic
Iva Vukusic
Clinical Psychologist - English, Croatian and German
Master of Psychology, Training of Trainers (ToT) Community
Jyotika Aggarwal
Jyotika Aggarwal
Clinical Psychologist - English
M.A.(Clinical Psychology), RE-CBT - Experience: 7 Years
Sailaja Menon
Sailaja Menon
Counseling Psychologist - English
CAGS (Multicultural Counseling), Johns Hopkins University, USA - Experience: 25 Years
Sneha John
Sneha John
Psychologist - English, French
Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of London, UK, Bachelor of Psychology with Counselling, UK, Diploma in Child Development, UK.

Areas we work with

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The focus is on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional, psychological and behavioural disorders. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialises in mental health.


The Psychology department is committed to ensure timely care and support in the area of mental health and well-being. Our Psychologists utilise evidence-based treatment models to treat behaviour and mind-related concerns.


The paediatric department provides specialised care for infants, children and adolescents. Our Paediatrician offers expertise for various paediatric illnesses which includes paediatric nutrition, growth and development, vaccination and allergy.


The neurology department is dedicated to ensure quality healthcare in the clinical care of children and adults. Our Neurologist offers clinical services to support clients who have neurological concerns.


A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specialises in mental health. Psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental health and physical aspects of psychological problems.


Psychological services – the psychologist in Dubai provide different treatment models and services that are based on scientific evidence of the study of mind and behaviour.

General Physician

General practitioners employ a holistic approach to provide comprehensive primary & continuing medical care services, that include preventive care & information on health related topics.

Speech Therapy

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Behavioral Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

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The human mind is one of the most complex and fascinating structures in our brain. Often termed as the control-tower for all our thoughts, emotions and behaviour, the…

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"It was great meeting you yesterday at thrive workshop..I was very impressed by your input in discussion" – Participant of Sailaja Menon’s session.
Modul University,Dubai
To be honest, the sessions that I had with Resha changed part of my life, I mean there were times that I never stood up for myself as in the family part and she raised some courage in me. I got used to meeting Resha at least every 2-3 weeks for some time but now while leaving the University, it saddens me because she was my biggest support (Like the eldest sister that i never had) and will keep remembering every session and how it made me happy after. I will obviously recommend Resha Erheim to every person that needs. And really proud to have taken some counseling.
Modul University,Dubai
Resha is really a great professional counselor, and way too smart to figure out things that make me depressed, anxious or sad! In other words, it's hard to find someone to trust as much as her, because I feel comfortable while speaking my mind out. She makes me rethink some stuff that has to be solved. Resha is passionate about her job and that makes me relaxed during the session.
Modul University,Dubai
I had only one session with Resha, but even so her help to what I was facing was completely helpful as well as effective. She really advised me and directed me on the right path within only an hour session and I could not be more thankful.
Modul University, Dubai
My experience with Resha was good, she created a space where I felt safe to talk about myself and yes most certainly the session with her was really helpful.
Modul University,Dubai
Managing study and life talk by Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar at the Emirates Academy of Hospital Management
“My sincere thanks to Dr. Kirin for leading the presentation on ‘Managing Study and Life’ for our new students. We always appreciate the support LifeWorkscan offer and look forward to our continued partnership.”
Donna Haas
Emirates Academy of Hospital Management
Emotional Health Talk by Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar at the Ukrainian Women’s Association, Dubai
“Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar’s lecture on ‘Emotional Health’ was really useful and all people who joined gave a great feedback. Thank you for giving personal approach to each participant.”
Anastasiia Bobrysheva
Co-Founder / Ukrainian Women’s Association
“I am so glad that we had this wonderful opportunity to host Dr. Kirin of LifeWorks to talk about stress management to more than 40 employees, the talk was interactive, engaging and informative. I could recognize many of the symptoms she talked about and it gave me a bigger awareness of the graveness of the issue of stress that we take lightly sometimes. The best part of the session in my opinion is the breathing exercises and meditation tools we practiced at the end. We all left the room feeling invigorated and a hopefully a bit stress-relieved.”
Hani Yakan
Project Engineer & Health Team leader / QEHS Forum
“I found the stress management talk very informative and the presentation was engaging, the physical exercises were also very good and I found myself falling asleep in the meditation, that was my highlight, closing my eyes and imagining calm waters. I had never realized there were so many types of stress and ways to cope with it, I would not mind getting this type of talk on a regular basis, maybe twice a year.”
Angeline Makunda
PA to Managing Director & Financial Director MEA
Stress and Anxiety Management Talk by Dr. Kirin Fiona Hilliar at M/s. John Crane
“It was our very great privilege to have Dr Kirin Hilliar of LifeWorks deliver a session on stress management at our premises in May 2018. The presentation was highly engaging, interactive and extremely well received by all 50 attendees, ranging from senior management to technician. When we first contacted LifeWorks for some help in raising awareness on this important topic, we outlined our objectives in a very basic framework - I can honestly say they took it to the next level and far exceeded our expectations. Thank you LifeWorks! You really made a difference today.”
Tara Mckee
QEHS Engineer
“My experience with Ms.Jyotika was beyond outstanding, she was really passionate about what she talked and it was her energy and excellent communication which made the session even more meaningful. Our team equally enjoyed the session and took some very positive takeaways from the very informative presentation. I highly recommend Lifeworks & Ms.Jyotika to anyone looking forward for consultation in Sleep wellbeing or good sleeping habits.”
Ms. Aysha
HR Consultant ME & Africa / Idemia
Sleep Disorders Talk by Ms. Jyotika Aggarwal at M/s. OberthurTechnologies
“The presentation was excellent and Ms. Jyotika delivered it with such enthusiasm, expertise and passion in an incredibly interactive and interesting way! This was very apparent to the audience as Ms. Jyotika was very comfortable which can sometimes be a difficult thing to achieve in sessions such as these.The stretching and breathing exercises were a fantastic way of obtaining audience engagement as well as the stress related quiz which I personally enjoyed.”
Ms. Kellee Forbes
BUPA Insurance International

The LifeWorks has a vision to expand its operations to different parts of the world starting with the UAE, keeping the same ethos and values at every location.

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